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Success is not like spontaneous combustion. You must set yourself on fire - stig provides the match.

Stig Capital- strategic technology investment group was formed when five senior, battle tested, private equity founders discovered that leveraging their individual experience, relationships, and the companies they control under one investment group created an unfair market advantage for every company in the group. The Roll-Up Group is a band of pre-IPO companies, each individually managed to maintain the benefits of mid-business flexibility while allowing Stig's management experience, partnerships and technology leverage to provide the benefits of big business. Over the next 30 months, prior to IPO, Stig Capital and its partners are focused on bringing new companies in the cloud / telecom space into the roll up for a combined 1.5 Billion in revenue. In addition, Stig Capital will identify key companies with sales, business service, and technology experience to control more customer relationships, enhance revenues, and dramatically improve profitability. Stig's management team has a proven track record of several successful roll ups, multiple IPO's and 50 plus acquisitions both in and out of the US. Stig Capital will do it again in an even bigger way by leveraging all its previous combined assets. So jump on board the Stig Capital IPO train to success.

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